Monday, September 2, 2013

True or False Math Facts

I was looking through the kinder and first grade standards the other day, and I thought of a mind stretching activity to use with math facts.  At our school, we have an accelerated curriculum, so we teach kinder math concepts for the first quarter, and first grade math concepts for the other three quarters.  It is a bit challenging to make sure that all of the standards are covered sufficiently.  It is nice to have the same type of activity from the kindergarten standards so I don't have to train my students how to complete a different activity for the first grade concepts.

I wanted an activity that could be done independently so I could give it to my students while I was working with a small group during bellwork or during math.  My students have been trained to never glue before we go over the answers.  So, my students solve the problems and sort the answers into the correct columns.  We would then go over the answers and glue together.

I also made some math strategy posters so we would cover the different strategies that should be covered in first grade math.

If you want to take a look, please click here.

Also, keep an eye open because there is going to be a SUPER big announcement on September 4th.  I am SO excited, so check back.  Have a great day off!

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