Sunday, September 8, 2013

Day Six of the Ten Days of Giveaways

I swear that every day is an adventure in kindergarten.  They seriously crack me up!  Last week, I had a band-aid on my ankle.  One of my boys that sits by me on the carpet during read alouds (and obviously studies my legs) noticed my band-aid, and asked what had happened.  I explained that I cut myself and scraped my skin off while I was shaving my legs.  He gave me a confused look, and asked me why I shaved my legs.  I told him because I didn't want hairy legs.  He seemed to be satisfied with that answer.

So, we're on day six of the ten days of giveaways.  If you were here for day four, you were able to pick up my counting by 2s freebie.  Well, here's the companion to that freebie.  Again, I can't find the Pinterest pin that I found this idea, but if it's yours, thank you for helping me teach my kinders how to skip count.  I am giving you my cute little toes for skip counting by 5s.  I formatted them to print in an AB pattern to highlight how the numbers end in 0 or 5.

The 120 chart is a Facebook Fan Only Freebie, so "like" my Facebook page to pick that up (and a bunch of other goodies).

Click on the picture, or click here to download the cute toes.

And, don't forget about the Educents kindergarten curriculum bundle!  Over 1,400 pages for just $29.99.  It really is a great deal.

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