Thursday, April 24, 2014

Thanking Volunteers

Have you ever been on a work committee that was just so insanely pleasant that you couldn't wait to work with the same people again?  I was SUPER lucky to have worked on our school's volunteer appreciation committee with two of my school friends.  There was no drama.  There was no stress.  It was an absolute joy.  Oh, I love those ladies.

Our school has the most amazing volunteers.  I have volunteers on almost a daily basis to check my homework folders.  I am incredibly blessed with supportive, giving parents.  I have been on the volunteer appreciation committee for the past two years, so I can show our parents how much their help means to us.

We had each grade level make a poster to thank the volunteers.  They were hung in each grade's hallway, and in the work room.

We had goodies all week in the work room.  Since it was the week before Easter, we had four days of treats with cute sayings.

I made the signs and put them in an 8" x 10" frame from the Dollar Tree.  The week of goodies cost less than $30, and I had a TON left over.  I probably should have only bought one bag of candy per day.  I will remember that for next year, and enjoy the extra candy this year.  :)

We had a morning reception before school.  Starbucks donated coffee (they are always willing to donate coffee if you ask), and each staff member pitched in some money so we could buy some goodies from Sam's Club.  We bought more Dollar Tree frames, and had our cute sayings near the food.  The trays are from the Dollar Tree as well.

We also organized a bulk purchase of plastic cups for our volunteers.  We looked around the internet and priced things out.  A website called was the best price.  We ordered so many that it was less than $2 per cup.  We had our school logo imprinted on the cup.  They were SUPER cute!

I was SO happy with the service at  The cups were high quality for the price.  The printing was great.  The cups were shipped very quickly.  It was a dream!  SO EASY!

Then, we printed these flags from Lisa Storms and added a lemonade packet.

Fast, cute, and fun!

In order to help you thank your volunteers, I am giving you all of the printable signs I made for our volunteer appreciation week.

Click here to download this great {FREEBIE}.

Have a fantastic day!