Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The big announcement...

will come later today.  :)

I was searching around my room this morning, looking for my September calendar cards.  I had misplaced them once before, so I had printed them a second time a few weeks back.  Well, those are misplaced, so it was third time is a charm this morning.  I seriously had to print them three times.  Do you ever do that?  Do you put something in a "safe place" and forget where that safe place is?  I swear it's the story of my life!

To keep the ten days of freebies going, I am going to give you my September calendar numbers.  These fit really well in my calendar pocket chart.  Sometimes, other cards are a tight squeeze.  It drives me nuts!  So, these fit well, even with a white border around your card.

Click on the picture, or click here to download your September calendar cards.  I hope you only have to print them once, and don't misplace them twice.  :)

Stay tuned a bit later today for the BIG announcement!

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