Monday, April 20, 2015

Buzz into Spring

I have decided to link up with my buddies at Hello Sunshine and offer up some ideas about one of my favorite seasons- spring.

I love bugs!  Well, not in my hair or in my pants, but I think they are very cool everywhere else.  Some kids are super scared of bugs, and squeal when they are found in the classroom.  I think I bump up a notch when I pick up crickets with my bare hands and take them outside.

Spring is a natural time to learn about insects.  They come out in full force, ready to pollinate and eat my picnic lunch.  The kids are so excited when we start to learn about insects.  When the kids understand how insects like bees and ants can be helpful, their views seem to change.  All of a sudden, I see kids getting down on the dirt to observe the ants, and searching through the grass to find ladybugs.  I have always wanted to give them magnifying glasses to look at the ants, but I didn't want to run the risk of frying a few ants in the name of education.

I have decided to share a few of my favorite books about insects.  All of these books have been used in my classroom with much success.  Amazing questions are asked and connections are made after the books are read.  "Is the queen ant fed royal jelly like the queen bee?"  Seriously... a six year old asked that question.  Ah-may-zing!

Time for Kids is always a safe bet for the classroom.  The pictures are awesome, and the book is written at a level that primary students can understand.

I love National Geographic Kids!  The books always have plenty of non-fiction text features to point out and discuss.  We always talk about the importance of reading EVERYTHING on the page, since it helps with our understanding of the topic.  I try to trick the kids and skip over the text features, and they always catch me. 

I also love the fact that the books have a Table of Contents.  At the beginning of the year, I teach my students about the table of contents, and tell them how it will give a broad range of pages.  I always hold my arms out to show them the range is "this big" (like when telling a "I once caught a fish this big" story).  We then talk about the index (and we point to show that it's more precise).  So, when I flip open these books and say, "It has a table of contents," my students automatically open their arms and say, "Table of Contents".  Of course, you can imagine what happens next.... yep... it's a point with "index" being said.

Boys and girls both love Fly Guy.  With the addition of the non-fiction to the Fly Guy repertoire, kids are automatically drawn to these books.  The facts are great, and the appearances by Fly Guy add a little something.

I love this ladybug book!  It is written at an independent reading level, so the kids love to borrow the book and read it on their own.  The book is quite large, so it's a bit awkward to hold for a read aloud, but the photos are really cool.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

My First Hello Sunshine Post!

Come on over to my new collaborative blog, Hello Sunshine!  It's my first post there.  Hooray!!

Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

And the Winners Are...

And there were two other winners: Tracy and Suzy.  :)

Ladies, check your email boxes!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Hello, Sunshine!

Wow!  There are such exciting things happening in my life right now.  Moving to a new school and a new job next year, and now for another announcement.

I am joining with some AMAZING teachers to write a collaborative blog.

The name alone perfectly describes these beautiful women.  They are devoted educators that have the most amazing ideas!  Can you tell these women are super cool?

And now for the best part.  With the launch of our new blog comes a bunch of goodies.  Hooray!

I am going to give away one item from my Teachers Pay Teachers store to two lucky people.  I am also going to give away a $10 Teachers Pay Teachers gift certificate.

And, on top of all of that, the ladies and I have decided to give away a $100 gift certificate to Teachers Pay Teachers.  I am kind of jealous that you all can win this.

Hop on over to my friend Cassandra's blog to enter to win more goodies!

Mrs. 3rd Grade

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Where Have I Been?

My word...

The last six months have been insanely busy.  There is a new elementary school being built in our school district, and I decided I needed to change jobs and change schools.  I have always wanted to spread my love of literacy and reading.  I've had the pleasure of influencing about 25 kids each year.  Now, I will be teaching 500 kids each year.

I am going to be a media specialist (librarian and technology) next year.  The past two months have been spent analyzing lists of books for our library, deciding on the supplies that are needed to run the library, and starting to create lessons.  This is all on top of my normal job.  Have I been a little stressed?  Maybe... but I wouldn't change it for the world.  I am SUPER excited for this new adventure!

Of course, I have been starting to think about how I am going to decorate my beautiful new library.  I want the library to be a warm, fun, inviting, and happy environment.  I made some quotes for my library.  They are formatted to fit in a 5" x 7" frame.  I found some awesome frames at Ikea.  They are colorful and they have plastic in the front so if they are dropped, there is no glass to break.  Hooray!

So, I wasn't originally planning on sharing these (hence the fact that you can see my lovely tan carpet).  I sent the pictures to Costco (Have I ever told you how much I love Costco?) and the pictures were $0.39 each.  What a fantastic deal!

Since I am in such a great mood about this new experience, I am going to share my pictures with you.  Simply download them from the google drive, send them to be developed, and frame them.  SO easy!

Check back later in the week, because I have an awesome announcement and a little giveaway.