Friday, September 6, 2013

I am one lucky girl!

Have you ever just felt so amazingly blessed and happy?  I am SO knocking on wood that nothing goes wrong, because I just might be jinxing myself.  I really have a great class this year.  One of my previous parents wrote an article for a local magazine about me, and it was published this month.  I was chosen to be part of the Educents kindergarten bundle (more on that later).  I have an AMAZING family, including a supportive husband and two beautiful, bright girls.  Wow!  I am blessed!

Outside of parenting, teaching is the hardest job I've ever had.  I am so thankful for resources like Teachers Pay Teachers, Pinterest, and all of the amazing teaching blogs out there.  I have grown so much as a teacher because of these websites.  They make our jobs a little easier when people share ideas and files they've made.  So, my freebie today was made from an idea I saw on Pinterest.  Now, I tried to look back and find it on my boards, but I cannot.  So, if this is your idea, thank you SO much for a great way for my students to practice skip counting.

If you look at the pink and orange "peace sign" fingers on my calendar, you will notice (if you have magnifying vision because this isn't the best picture) that there are numbers on the hands.  I point to the numbers as the kids count by 2s.  I also use the 120 chart that is next to it some days (which may or may not be a freebie in the next couple of days... wink, wink), and point to those numbers so the kids can see the pattern on the number chart.

So, dah, dah, dah, dah (imagine hearing trumpets right now)... the fourth day of freebies brings you my counting by 2s file.  Again, if this is your idea, thank you for helping my kids learn to skip count!

Freebie Fridays

I made them in an ABC pattern, so you can print them on one color or on three colors.  If you just looked at the picture above, you may question if I know how to skip count.  :)

Click here to download your freebie.

Going back to the fact that I am one lucky girl, take a look at the great resources in the Educents bundle.  They are great resources, and the price can't be beat!

Have a fantastic Friday!  Don't forget to stop by tomorrow for another great freebie!


  1. WOW...congrats! You are blessed and I am blessed to follow you!

  2. You sure know how to make a girl feel EXTRA special!


  3. Thank you for linking up this week at Teaching Blog Addict and offering our follower such a terrific freebie! I am your newest FB follower!
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    1. Oh, Fern. It is such an honor to have you as a FB follower! I can't tell you how useful and wonderful Teaching Blog Addict is, and how I use those freebies ALL of the time! I LOVE freebie Fridays!

      Thanks for stopping by!