Saturday, March 16, 2013

Getting Ready for Kindergarten Sale! Woot, woot!

Have you seen the new daily deals on Teacher's Notebook?  I was curious to see how the whole thing worked, so I checked it out yesterday.  I was pleasantly surprised!  I bought a file on letter identification for 40% off. 

So, I made the jump and put my "Getting Ready for Kindergarten" pack as the Daily Deal on Sunday, March 17th.  We start testing our incoming kinders in April.  I am quite excited to see this pack in action.  We've decided to set a sign-up sheet so we can e-mail the pack to parents.  That way, they can click on the links and go to the various activities.  Plus, you save a TON of paper.

If a student is lacking in a certain area, we are going to have a paper copy of that section to hand to parents.  The pack includes activities on letter recognition, shape recognition, number recognition, and first sound fluency.  I'm hoping the letter recognition activities and the first sound fluency activities are going to raise our beginning of the year DIBELS scores.  All of the activities have clear directions, so set-up will be a breeze for parents. 

Plus, as I said before, there are clickable links so parents can head to educational websites, online activities, child friendly YouTube videos, and more.  When I was making this section, my team gave me suggestions as to what the ideal kindergartener would come to school knowing.  It's pretty thorough because my team is awesome.  ;)  No, really... they are.

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I hope you had a FANTASTIC weekend! :)

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