Monday, March 4, 2013

Famous Scientist and Inventor Easy Readers

Have you ever read through the science standards and wondered how to talk about famous scientists in the classroom?  I have!  There's one problem... the books I find for the scientists are WAY too long to hold the interest of my students.  So, I made a set of little books to introduce famous inventors and scientists to my class.

11 famous scientists and inventors!

I've also included links to resources and more information.

These are SO easy to assemble.  The books are four pages that are double sided, so it's only two pages of paper to staple (using a long arm stapler) and cut in half.
Download the preview file for a freebie reader on Nikola Tesla.
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  1. Hi Carolyn, you are right....those books do not hold their attention too long- but yours certainly will! So cute, thank you for the freebie. Glad you stopped by to say hello so I could come find you too. Love your cute blog! I am a new follower!
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    Happy Pinning!

  2. Ohh, those would have been perfect when I taught Kinder. My kiddos would loved those.

    I found you through the Manic Monday Link up!