Friday, January 18, 2013

Social Studies Easy Readers!

In my classroom, I have been using the "little books" with each of my writing units (which are usually non-fiction), and my students LOVE them!  We illustrate the books on Monday after we read a book on the topic.  I like them to illustrate the book because they can use their own pictures as clues to what is on the page.  We read them each day to gain fluency, and they take those books home on Friday.

Anyhow, I have been really busy working on new "little books" for social studies.  It is tough to find social studies books that are appropriate for little learners.  To my surprise, it's also tough to put a person's whole life in seven sentences. :)

Head over to my Teachers Pay Teachers store or my Teacher's Notebook store to download the preview with a free easy reader on Abraham Lincoln.  Woot, woot!

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  1. Carolyn,
    These easy readers look really cool. I love social studies. I always find myself being drawn to teaching a lesson by using something that happened in the past as an example. I homeschool and I teach a history co-op class and I am always looking for activities to use.

    1. Please e-mail me or leave your e-mail., and I will send you the file. Thanks for visiting!

  2. Wow! These look great!

  3. Trying to follow but the link is not showing on my IPad.

  4. Following. Thanks for the freebie. Welcome to blogging.

  5. Thanks! I love the little reader. My kids love taking home their books. I'm your follower #2! Woohoo! You will love blogging and all of the great virtual teaching "partners."
    Corinna :)
    Teaching Fabulous Firsties!

  6. Hello Carolyn,
    Thanks for the file. My email is