Monday, January 28, 2013

Reviewing Spelling and Phonograms

I love to have my students play meaningful games to review spelling words and phonograms. 

To review phonograms, we:
  • write them in shaving cream on our desks (which also helps clean them since our district banned Clorox wipes)
  • write them on white boards
  • swat them on the big whiteboard.  I hang a bunch with magnets, and two kids race to find it and swat it.
  • play phonogram bingo
To review spelling words, we:
  • have a spelling list word search
  • read "the password" that is a binder ring of the spelling cards for the week.  They have to read one word before entering the room and while they wait in line after using the restroom in the hallway.  This also helps me work one on one with sounding (at least for a couple of seconds), and allows me to see gaps in their learning of phonograms.
  • have daily bellwork where we find and graph spelling words
  • have rainbow words where they write the word in pencil once, then in crayon/colored pencil two more times
  • Bingo
  • Races on the big white board
  • play "I have, who has".  I have a version of the kindergarten lists 1-20 in my TpT store.
  • Roll, Read, Keep (I have a version with all of our spelling words, Fry's first 300 words, number words to twenty, addition and subtraction facts through ten, doubles addition facts, and Fry's first 100 phrases).  Check out my store for this MEGA pack.

Here is a link to a little freebie to review phonograms, letters, or spelling words. One says "Phonogram BINGO" at the top, and the other just says "BINGO".  There are two sizes for the game boards as well, depending on how much your students can handle.

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

 I just printed these on cardstock, laminated them, and the kids write the phonograms using their white board markers.  I used beans as markers, but my student teaching mentor teacher (I love her) used torn construction paper.  They kept those baggies in their desks.  Brilliant idea... see why I love her?

Do you have any fun ways to review phonograms or spelling words?


  1. Welcome to the bloggy world! Good luck on the start of your teaching adventure! Love the blog design btw.

    Learn With Leah

    1. Thank you so much! You know what is so ironic? I turned on my sight word powerpoint today, and I saw that you made it. My students LOVE to pop! :) Thank you so much for that awesome file!

  2. So many good ideas - thank you! Welcome to Blogland :) I'm your newest follower. Love your blog design.

    The Brown-Bag Teacher

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