Sunday, January 20, 2013

Phonogram Frustration, Freebies, and a Sale!

I teach at a school that uses Spalding.  I love the Spalding program.  It is amazing to see kiddos come to class, not knowing any letter sounds.  All of a sudden, they are able to sound words.  SO cool!

Spalding is a great, but it makes it difficult when trying to find resources for phonics because we use 2, 3, and 4 letter phonograms.  I have made several of my products to include individual letters, as well as phonograms.

I think my favorite (and my students' favorite) is my build a word pack.  We pull these out often.  It's quick and easy practice for phoneme segmentation and reading.  I made this pack using Spalding phonograms and regular letters.  I wanted any teacher to be able to use the pack.  The word puzzles and build a word pack has picture flash cards (great for first sound fluency), picture cards with words, elkonin boxes and letter tiles, and cut apart word puzzles with pictures (bottom picture... great for phoneme segmentation and blending sounds).

Spalding is really into handwriting as well, so I made these free handwriting focus signs.


I also have a free game called "Oh, Snap".  The kids take turn flipping a card from the top of the pile until a "SNAP" card it turned over.  The first player to put their hand on the card gets to say the sounds of each phonogram.  It's a lot of fun.  Enjoy!

I hope you had a GREAT weekend!!
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In honor of Martin Luther King Jr., I am throwing a 20% off sale from 1/20-1/21. 
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  1. Hi I am new to blogging and am going through training to be a homeschool teacher. I don't know how to "follow" you, but would love a chance to get your freebie. My email address is Thank you!

  2. I just enabled the follow by e-mail on the side. You can also click on the "Join this site" on the side, and it will walk you through the process. Thanks! Your file is in the mail. :)

  3. I just downloaded your Polar Bear Build-a-Sentence and used them with my kiddos this afternoon in a small group. They loved it! Thanks so much!