Monday, January 21, 2013

It's Chilly Outside!

Well, it was chilly last week in Phoenix.  I remember watching the news one day, and it was colder in Arizona than it was in Alaska.  You don't get to experience that very often.  The chilly weather made me think about arctic animals.

It seems like a lot of teachers (including myself) are studying arctic animals this month.  My students LOVE the sentence scrambles.  I think it not only helps them with reading and writing practice, but it helps with realizing all sentences begin with a capital letter and end with punctuation.  Plus, these are non-fiction, so we may as well add a little reading informational text and science into the picture.

I decided that I wanted to differentiate the sentences, so the word cards have color coded borders (green are high, purple are middle, and blue are beginning).  I also made two different checking sheets (one full page and one baggie size) so the kids could check their own work.  Hooray!

If you are interested in taking a peek at the full pack, please visit my

As a freebie, I am giving you a three sentence pack on polar bears. Click here for the file.
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  1. This is adorable! I am so happy to have found your blog this morning. I linked up a few spots after you. I will be downloading and using with my first graders - they will love it! Thank you for sharing, I am your newest follower!
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