Sunday, April 14, 2013

Save the Earth!

Do you recycle at school?  In my classroom, the recycle bin is close to my desk, so I can make sure the correct items end up in the bin.  Even with my "Type A" recycler personality, the wrong things end up in the bin.  It drives me NUTS!!  Bandaids are not made of paper.  So, when I was designing my Earth Day unit, I made sure to make a trash or recycle sort with bandaids as one of the items.  :)

I am really excited to try out my new unit this year.
The unit includes:

  • Three easy readers 
    • "I Need to Take Care of the Earth" which covers the types of pollution
    • "The Earth Gives Us Natural Resources" which talks about natural resources (in kinder terms.... "wood comes from trees" and "fish live in the water"... that is how it is stated in our kinder standards) and what earth is made of
    • "How Can I Save Earth's Resources" which covers reducing, reusing, and recycling.  It has space for the kids to write in the book about how they can reduce, reuse, and recycle.
  • Circle maps on ways to keep the earth clean
  • Worksheet on the three types of pollution
  • Natural vs. Man Made
  • Recycle or Trash (with band aid as one of the items to sort <grin>)
  • Two craftivities

Your freebie today is the "Natural vs. Man Made" worksheet and a printable chart on how to save the earth.

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

Click here to download.

By the way, I only need 9 more people to follow my store on Teachers Pay Teachers, and the 100 follower freebie will be posted!  Hooray!!

Also, 'tis the season for testing incoming kinders.  Don't forget about my "Getting Ready for Kindergarten" pack.  It can be e-mailed to parents, so there's no need to print, copy, or waste any of your precious time.  Woohoo!  It has activities on letter recognition, number recognition, shape recognition, first sound fluency.  They use simple materials so parents will be likely to print and use them.  Also, there are clickable links to sites and videos that will help the kids with the skills that are necessary for kindergarten.  My entire team reviewed and made suggestions for this packet, so there's a lot of experience packed into one file.    

I hope you have an AMAZING week!  :)


  1. I am always telling my SECOND graders that a straw is not paper! Maybe I should move our cans nearer to my desk, too!

    Thanks for sharing these great activities!

  2. Today, it was a fruit snack package. When I pulled it out of the recycle bin, and asked them if it was recyclable, they said it wasn't. I tried to watch lips to see who didn't say something or said, "Yes", but I didn't scan quickly enough. :)

  3. My son doesn't recycle at his school, which I personally don't like it.
    We do recycle at home! Besides, he rides his bike to class everyday so I don't have to use the car and we don't contaminate! All together we can make a big favor to the environment!