Friday, April 12, 2013

Nose Pickers, Coughs, and Germs... Oh, My!

How many times a day do you look out at your students and see someone with only a knuckle visible under his/her nose?  Ahh.... the life of a teacher.  I feel like a broken record telling kids to grab a kleenex and sanitize their hands.

As I was looking through the health standards for my district, I saw several standards regarding hygiene and personal care.  I searched and searched for something that covered the standards I needed covered, but I had no luck.  So, I decided to make a unit that addressed germs and illnesses.

I am really happy with the activities I made and the links I found.  I think it will really keep the kinders' attention, and make learning about germs fun.  And for those of you that have to teach about germs, I think it's a great return on your $2 investment (which is always nice).

There are three different flow maps.  
One with picture boxes, one with picture/text boxes, and one with just text boxes.

There is an easy reader where students need to write about the steps to washing their hands, how to avoid getting sick, and the proper way to not "share germs".

There is a large read aloud book or anchor charts for the unit with some awesome clip art.

And this is the page that covers my district's requirement to talk about communicable diseases and their symptoms.

You can find the unit in my Teachers Pay Teachers store and in my Teachers Notebook store.

In celebration of this new unit, I am giving you the flow map with picture boxes.  I hope you find it useful.  :)

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  1. The nose picking is going to be the death of me! THis looks so cute!

  2. The funny thing is when I talked about nose picking, the repeat offenders were looking at the other students, trying to figure out who picks their nose. It made me laugh. :)