Saturday, February 2, 2013

My Newest Endeavor... the Getting Ready for Kindergarten Pack!

I am already looking to get ready for next year's kinders.  I know... we're in third quarter.  Perhaps I am nuts.  I am just a planner.  :)

I am so lucky to work at a school that is in high demand.  We had open enrollment begin on Friday, and there were eighty families waiting outside (some were waiting over 24 hours) to enroll their children.  Does this swell our egos?  Well, a bit... but we have worked very hard to build a strong reputation in our community.  We also have strong parent involvement, which is an amazing blessing.

With that being said, I decided to create a packet to help parents get their child ready for kindergarten.  We have kindergarten readiness testing in the spring.  In years past, we would hand the parent a slip that wasn't very detailed in the areas their child needed help with.  Now, we are planning on e-mailing this packet to parents so they can get their child "kindergarten ready".  The reason we are e-mailing the PDF is there are fabulous links to activities, printables, and videos.  Plus, it's easier to e-mail instead of making copies.  :) 

I am also lucky to work on a team that was willing to read through the packet, and help me revise and add activities to make the packet even better.  I am thankful to those lovely ladies as well.

I have included several fun games, activities, printables, and links for parents to help their child be ready for kindergarten.  There are activities in shape recognition, number recognition, letter recognition, and first sound fluency.  Can you imagine a class that understands the concept of first sound fluency for the first set of DIBELS tests?  Oh, my word!  We're hoping it will help all of our kiddos be green the first time around. 

Check out my Teachers Pay Teachers store or my Teacher's Notebook store to take a look at this helpful product.
In honor of this great unveiling, here is a freebie that is part of the first sound fluency pack.  I hope you find it helpful (although it is a small part of this awesome pack).
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  1. Thank you for sharing. My school is always trying to help parents realize the importance and rigor of Kindergarten. We do a little "roundup" in the spring for the incoming Kinders and this will make a great addition. Connie

    1. I'm so glad it will help you! Thanks for taking a look. :)

  2. That pack looks wonderful! I'm sure the parents really appreciate it!
    Love the freebie too! Thank you!